Gucci Mane's "Everybody Looking" Album Features Kanye West & Young Thug

Gucci's first post-prison album will also include the previously released "Back On Road," but sans Drake.

On July 22, Gucci Mane will release Everybody Looking, his first album since being released from prison. 

The full track listing for the album, the ninth full-length of the ATL veteran's career, was released this morning via Amazon:

  • No Sleep (Intro)
  • Out Do Ya
  • Back On Road (ft. Drake)
  • Waybach
  • P**** Print (ft. Kanye West)
  • Pop Music
  • Guwop Home (ft. Young Thug)
  • Gucci Please
  • Robbed
  • Richest N**** In The Room
  • First Day Out Tha Feds
  • At Least a M
  • All My Children
  • Pick Up The Pieces (Outro)

The album's lone guests are Kanye West and Young Thug, while noticeably absent is Drake who was featured on the previously-released "Back on Road" but doesn't appear on the album version. Feels like we might have a reverse "Pop Style" situation on our hands. 

It's interesting to note that the album was recorded only six days after Gucci was sprung from the pen. Since being released after serving just over two years, Gucci has also appeared on Kanye West's new Cruel Winter single "Champions" and ignited a conspiracy theory over whether or not he's actually a clone (he's not a clone, he's just eating kale now).

"Brr," it's gettin' cold again and young slightly older Gucci Mane, who seemingly lost no steam by being locked up (even though it feels like he's been locked up for most of his career), has Everybody Looking his way. And according to Joe Budden, riding his dick.

Update: According to Mike WiLL Made-It, Drake will appear on the album version of "Back on Road." Amazon, hold this L.

By @brokencool, who needs a clone.

Photo Credit: Instagram