Mac Miller & Anderson .Paak's "Dang!" Started With a DM

Dang! We was just DMing...
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Dreams come true on Twitter, the ultimate collaborative breeding ground. At the least, Twitter is the bedrock of Anderson .Paak’s relationship with Mac Miller and the genesis of their fantastic collaboration “Dang!," as .Paak revealed to Peter Rosenberg in a new interview for Open Late.

“That dude, whenever we used to link up, it was always such a good time, man,” .Paak said of his relationship with Miller. “We had such a good time. We only made one song, and the rest of the time we was just hangin’. That’s why it really hurts. You don’t have a lot of friends in the industry. You meet a lot of people, and people network… It’s very rare that you meet someone like, ‘You know what? I fuck with you… I’mma just hit you up just to see what you doing.’ That’s what he always used to do for me.

“That’s how we met. On Twitter, after the [Dr.] Dre thing [Anderson .Paak’s placements on Compton], he was like, ‘Man, congrats on being on Dr. Dre’s album! That must be crazy, how you feel?’ I was like, ‘Oh man, you know how it is, bro,’ and he was like, ‘No, I don’t know how it is!’ I was like, ‘I fuck with you, man, yeah.’ That was it.”

Not only is this story precious, but it also speaks to Mac Miller’s uncanny ability to link and build up any and all artists with whom he comes into contact. Hearing the pure way their collaboration came to be makes the emotional story behind .Paak’s verse all the more touching. Clearly, the two had a near-cosmic connection and though they only made one song together, “Dang!” is a staple piece of neo-soul. It also happens to be Anderson .Paak’s best guest feature, period.

With lead single “Tints” dripping in swagger and Anderson .Paak’s Oxnard album coming November 16, we can only hope the record is a “Dang!” moment all on its own.

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