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Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist 'Fetti' 1 Listen Album Review

'Fetti' is short and sweet, and will leave you wishing it would never end.
Freddie Gibbs x Curren$y 'FETTI' 1-Listen Album Review

Curren$y’s discography is large enough to fill a 32GB iPod. To be a fan of Spitta is to always count on more. Yet, no matter how large his mountain of music becomes, there remain a few special standouts. One of those standouts is “Scottie Pippen,” the Freddie Gibbs-assisted scorcher that appears on 2011's Covert Coup, a classic collaborative project between the Jet Life workaholic and producer The Alchemist.

Hearing Curren$y and Gangsta Gibbs together over Al’s production was a moment of underground rap magic. Now, seven years later, and after only a handful of collaborations, the “Scottie Pippen” trifecta has reunited to release a full-length, nine-track project called Fetti

Made up of entirely new music, the album was reportedly recorded in just two days. It’s been 22 months since the project's initial announcement, but time hasn’t withered the excitement. This is more than just a novelty joint project; fans are expecting nine songs that live up to the previous standards set by these three and not just a collection of records to add to the mountain. 

In usual 1-Listen album review fashion, the rules are the same: no skipping, no fast-forwarding, no rewinding, and no stopping. Each song will receive my gut reaction from start to finish. Jets fool!

1. “Location Remote”

My inner blog-era Yoh is hoping his enthusiasm isn’t misguided. He’s been let down enough this year. Interesting buildup. Slow, but grabbing. The mood is a pitch-black dark, like a street corner before something big goes down. The drums just came in and my heart is happily racing. Could easily be the background music played during a Fight Club match. Curren$y is starting this one off. Easy flow. The imagery is great. Yep, this is a Spitta who didn’t come to play. “Andretti and Gibbs are like the barrel to your ribs.” GIBBS! WOOO! He’s sounding like 2011. Okay, this is nice. Gibb is talking that talk. “Legend in this bitch might do Coachella as a hologram.” I just levitated to heaven. Samples. I love the money-counter effect. W.

2. “The Blow”

I hope Al has the money counter playing throughout the entire project. This one comes in soulful. Gibbs claimed he's “the king of talking shit.” These keys are straight outta Sunday service. Gibbs sounds immaculate. Over these beats, his flow is dipped in gold. SHEESH. Straight Tony Montana talk. The way he switches his flow is like a Porsche switching gears. Curren$y came in clowning. This feels good. Better than when the McDonald’s McFlurry machine is working. Andretti's energy is charged up like Drake after playing kickball for charity. When the laid-back stoner comes in with Red Bull wings it’s hard not to feel a bit surprised. A good surprise. Two for two.

3. “New Thangs”

So far these records have been short. No hooks, just raps. Straight coke, no cut. I love the buildup. Spitta's flow is smoother than a freshly shaved face. “A stunt double pack.” This Spitta verse might overheat my laptop. Skated. Just like Spitta, I love how Gibbs started his verse by mentioning Air Max. They are in sync. Al is really chopping up the gospel. The loop has such an infectious radiance to it. Foreign women and dead homies in the wall, the life of Freddie Gibbs. 

4. “Saturday Night Special”

Dusty! The album is moving fast, but Al’s tempos are so relaxed. This record is La-Z-Boy laid-back. I love the nighttime vibe. It feels like a midnight drive to a place you aren’t legally supposed to be. This is the song you play before catching someone slipping outside of a stash house. Yep, this might be the favorite. I love the bar about having to be good at rhyming to claim you were a rapper. Curren$y is in a Louis Bag. Gibbs got tagged in. “I got cocaine wedding rings.” This verse is tough. TOUGH. Freddie is in a different mode. My heart is growing like the Grinch. The blog gods did not let me down. 

5. “Now & Later Gators”

This sounds like the soundtrack to a pimp's night on the town. Gibbs singing is hilarious. This is light a candle, pour some good wine, and have a threesome music. A street rapper with a romantic side, your favorite could never. What is this loop, Al!? I love the chords. No Curren$y on here. Not a huge fan of Gibbs’ singing, but the raps and beat are worth multiple return visits. 

6. “No Window Tints”

Another grabbing buildup. Cinematic. Deep kicks. Curren$y is at home. He’s in a robe with his feet kicked up. Curren$y’s flow and Al’s production together sounds better than free healthcare. Okay, maybe not that good but it’s up there. These two are sonically made for each other.

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7. “Willie Lloyd”

I can’t believe how good this is. Fetti is exactly what I dreamed of. These keys sound like they have a vendetta against the entire planet. This is what should’ve played when Cardi B saw Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week. Gibbs came in with a Juggernaut flow. He’s running through the beat with such confidence and poise but so menacing. If the album got stuck on this song it would take 30 minutes before I'd manually change it. That was a dropkick with Timbs on. Alchemist is truly a magician. 

8. “Tapatio”

What is this sample? Sounds like yacht music. These keys are a bit loud, sitting on top of the vocals. It’s drowning Curren$y out. He’s unbothered with a flow that soared across the record with ease. These two are treating the beats like ice and skating across them like they are trying to win Olympic medals. Man! We need Al to give Freddie the pack for his next one. He’s ALIVE. Some of his most impressive rapping since Piñata

9. “Bundy & Sincere”

You have to love a good Belly reference. Soulful! “Rap shit got me parking Bentleys on the lawns.” YO! Curren$y has left the atmosphere. He’s on a different planet with this verse. Geez! A Mac Miller reference! The Blue Slide Park bar was tough as nails. Gibbs is Robin Hood and is treating the beats like a rich man that’s being robbed. This is artistic abuse. More, we need more.  

Final (first listen) thoughts on Fetti:

To say Fetti is painfully short doesn’t begin to accurately illustrate how quickly the music comes and goes. The project is brief—as long as a commercial break—but the lasting impression isn’t. There’s a grabbing flair to every song—everything from the production to Freddie and Curren$y's performances seizes your attention instantly. At one point during each song, I hoped the track would continue, that Fetti would never end. 

Curren$y and Gibbs both sound reinvigorated. I don’t know if it’s the result of them sharing the spotlight, Alchemist’s stellar production, or if the pair simply had the desire to attack this album with a fiery passion, but something encouraged the two veteran heavyweights to hold nothing back. Between their enthralling wordplay and spirited flows, the performance is a rush. 

Fetti isn’t a joint album where its collaborators are jogging across the finish line; this is two 40-yard dash Olympic sprinters moving with a burst of life. The blood is still pumping. 

Again, Fetti is short. The excellent “Saturday Night Special” is the only song to reach the three-minute mark. Yet, the three don't waste a single second. Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs, and Alchemist delivered an album that can be cherished by their respected core fans and hip-hop fans alike. 

For what it offers, and how it leaves a craving for more, Fetti doesn’t drop the bar set seven years ago. The magic is still there.

By Yoh, aka Yoh Pippen, aka @Yoh31

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