Freddie Gibbs on Working with Madlib: You Can't Just Bang Out 10 Songs

"That's why it's gonna be so great, because it was really slow cooked."
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Freddie Gibbs rewards patience. Several years after teasing the album, his most recent offering with Curren$y and Alchemist, Fetti, is an aggressive and coke-dusted rap clinic. His next most-anticipated release, Bandana, which Gibbs promises is coming sooner than we think, is an even more “slow-cooked” affair.

"I kinda been working on [Bandana] for some years, 'cause that's the way you gotta work with Madlib,” Gibbs said on The Grinds TV with Bobby James. “You can't just go and just bang out 10 songs in a row... That's why it's gonna be so great, because it was really slow-cooked. But I will say this, I did [Fetti] in two days, and that shit came out fire."

In 2014, Gibbs and Madlib released their first collaboration, the oft-labeled classic Piñata, which was named one of the 30 best hip-hop albums of the current decade by DJBooth. For that record, Gibbs sifted through Madlib’s production, choosing the most difficult beats to rap over, and sent Madlib the roughs in due time. Whether or not that’s considered banging out songs, the truth of the matter is, the duo have more than enough synergy.

Back in 2016, we reported that a majority of Bandana was unused Madlib production from Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo. Though, the slow-cooking metaphor does imply that those beats may have since been swapped out or reworked in some capacity. The moral, again, is that Gibbs and Madlib have a detailed working relationship, one that is sure to produce a fantastic album.

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