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Top 5 Pro DJ Turntables of 2018

Watch our video breakdown of the top 5 Pro-level DJ Turntables for 2018

My list of the top five professional DJ turntables of 2018 has arrived.

1. Stanton ST-150/STR8-150

The Stanton ST-150 & STR8-150 turntables have been around for over 15 years now and they've proven themselves among DJ's all over the world. I've had my own personal set for 10 years and they still seem as fresh as new. The Stanton 150's have a super fast motor, dual start-stop buttons, Stop/Start adjustment speed knobs, along with internal Line-Level amps and grounding. The 150's are also the heaviest DJ turntables ever created making them as sturdy as a tank.

2. Reloop RP7000/RP8000

The Reloop RP7000 & RP8000 are both Super-OEM turntables so they have the same motor and tonearms as the Stanton 150's mentioned in the #1 spot. The RP8000 has all the features of the Stanton decks with the 8 MIDI pads and other MIDI controls to perform different functions inside DJ software. The RP7000 costs about $100 less than the RP8000 and removes the MIDI controls but retains all the other features including the digital pitch display.

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3. Denon VL12 PRIME

The Denon VL12 PRIME is a SOLID turntable that is heavier than all the others except for the Stanton 150. It also has the best look of all turntables on this list with the brushed metal top and a fully LED ring that wraps around the platter. It also has great pitch resolution and a really sturdy all around feel than most others. The VL12 does NOT have internal grounding or the line level amp found in some others on this list.

4. Pioneer PLX-1000

The Pioneer PLX-1000 turntable is the deck that most closely resembles a real Technics 1200 in practice since it has almost no extra features or bells and whistles. It's just a good deck all around with a strong motor and good tonearm with good sound quality. It doesn't have the start/stop adjustments, Line level amp, MIDI controls, or anything else out of the ordinary. Still, this is a solid choice for any DJ looking for a professional deck.

5. Numark NTX1000

The new Numark NTX1000 turntable is the new kid on the block and it is also the most affordable turntable on this list of Pro decks, coming in at only $400 each. The NTX has the adjustable start/stop knobs and it has a phono to line preamp as well. The NTX1000 has a few plastic parts and doesn't feel as professional as some of the others, but it still has a very strong professional motor and great looks as well. The performance is top-notch.

Honorable Mentions: Epsilon DJT1300 & DJ Tech SL1300MK6

The other two decks on this list aren't in the top 5, but they deserve an honorable mention. The Epsilon and DJ Tech 1300's are true Super-OEM turntables that have the same motor and tonearm as the Stanton and Reloop decks. They also come in at only $200-$350 per deck, if you can still find them somewhere online. They may be mostly plastic in construction, but they are definitely pro-level turntables that can pull off everything necessary.

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