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Pusha T

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10 Most Anticipated Hip-Hop Albums of 2018, Ranked

By Yoh | Posted December 19, 2017
From Kanye to Chance to Drake and beyond, these are the albums we're most looking forward to next year.

Pusha T Openly Questions His Artistic Growth Over the Past Four Years

By DJ Z | Posted November 7, 2017
"Since 'My Name is My Name,' I feel like I don't know if I've grown as an artist as much as I've stuck to my guns..."
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Pusha T Originally Had Seven Verses on Kanye’s ‘MBDTF’

By DJ Z | Posted October 16, 2017
To finish all seven, Pusha skipped basketball every day and stopped eating breakfast with everybody.

Pusha T Keeps Redoing ‘King Push’ Because Kanye’s Trying to Be Perfect

By DJ Z | Posted September 4, 2017
Kanye West will be producing 'King Push' from "top to bottom," says Pusha T.
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Bump J - Fuck Up the Summa ft. Yo Gotti & Pusha T

By DJ Z | Posted June 14, 2017
Artist(s): Bump J
Tags: Turn Up

Pusha T is “85%” Done With “Mostly” Kanye-Produced ‘King Push’ Album

By DJ Z | Posted June 12, 2017
Pusha's long-awaited album isn't done quite yet, but will have plenty of Ye production once it is.
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Solving the Perfect Rap Song Equation Using Pusha T’s “Nosetalgia”

By Matt Wilhite | Posted June 8, 2017
Each and every component—every single choice and decision—on a song matters when it comes to perfection.

Pharrell Explains Exactly Why Pusha T Is a Lyrical Genius

By Andy James | Posted April 3, 2017
"When he’s talking over the beat, you’re like, ‘man…why do you feel this way?’"
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